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“Money makes the world go round.”

Sad, but true. Taking a somewhat socialist view on the topic, as well as including the fact that both of my parents are unemployed, money is a key thing in almost anything one does. However much I try to disregard and not use the monetary system, it is a must in the present world. Everything requires money. Nothing is free.


Reflecting on my previous interview for BCA two days before, I realize that may have completely screwed it up. Although I replied well with lengthy responses for many of the questions, I find that I “blanked out” on questions like, “What are your hobbies?” and “What do you wish to accomplish in the 4 years that you would be here for?” My posture was off as well – but I least I stayed relaxed throughout the entire thing. The one thing that seems to have benefited me the most is that I learned how to finally keep calm instead of shaking like a maniac with nervousness. I presume that I most probably will not get accepted, but I believe that it was a nice experience overall.

China now leading source of iOS, Android activations

There’s proof of China switching to consumerism.

First Post

The date is March 21st, 2012, and I have just created this WordPress account. This will be a place for me to share epiphanies and sudden thoughts or viewpoints on life. It will be a private recollection of thoughts, however, feel free to view and comment on anything you would like.


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